Project Description

Sea Eagle (White-bellied) – Photos taken in Port Stephens, New South Wales.

Sea Eagles (White-bellied) – Hours of patience didn’t pay off here. I was too far away with a steep drop between me and the Sea Eagles.

Sea Eagles (White-bellied) – As some Blue-faced Honeyeaters started flying around the Sea Eagles I was concerned as to what might happen. In fact, nothing!

Sea Eagle (White-bellied, juvenile?) – Photo series taken by Lane Cove River, Lane Cove National Park, Sydney.  I heard a loud splash in the river and turned to see this sea eagle flying up to the branch.  I assume this posture was to dry its wings for a few seconds before…

…turning around and diving back down to the river.  This time it caught a fish and flew past me, unfortunately behind some trees so I couldn’t take photos.

I hurried down the river and finally spotted the sea eagle devouring the last remnants of its catch.

Nankeen Kestrel – Photo series taken over vegetation and sand dunes just north of Wollongong, New South Wales. The kestrel was not intimated by the many people nearby, or me beneath it.  It even flew down onto rocks just a few metres in front of me. The only creature it caught while I watched was a small beetle, seen in the bird’s beak in one of the images.

Nankeen Kestrel (?) – not the best image of the bird. Did it build this large nest here? Photo taken near Wollongong, New South Wales.